Second album from London based singer-songwriter, Cat Nickless, coming out on new imprint Round Table Records on April 13th 2018. A cross atlantic affair inspired by her time studying in New York and recorded in London. While in NY she developed a love for photography taking a series of 35mm film photographs, inspired by this and after working with Andrew 'Woody' Woodhead (Meraqi) to craft the songs she took these same analogue principles to London’s Soup Studios working with David Holmes (Ghostpoet, Nubya Garcia, Jakob), recording on original tape machines. But the connection wasn’t just in approach, each song was directly inspired by one of the photographs, leading to a feedback loop of creativity.


The image for the title track "Vacant & Bright" a pastoral woodland scene became a fantastical song about hopefulness & catching lightning bugs, married to an ethereal vocal, shimmering guitars.


The Coney Island Wonder Wheel is the scene for, ‘Summertime’, which starts off as light nostalgic ode to summer love, the bright lights of the fairground, but behind the fading glitz there is greater depth though not necessarily happiness, with this resolution comes clarity. By the end the song has flipped, ending in a wailing guitar solo, though even as this fades out it reveals the light acoustic lines still present.


‘trucks’ with it’s view from Brooklyn Bridge, is a perfect piece of Americana, in the great tradition of American road trips, though rather than mirroring the typical setting of slowly rolling hills, wide expanses, it tells a different story of repetition, hustle and bustle, the joys of greyhound buses, while accompanied by a rapid fire frantic beat.


On occasions the connections between image and music come serendipitously, on WSP, from a photo of Greenwich Village’s Washington Square Park and a conversation had there, comes an anthem of youthful intent, “we are brave, we are gifted, we are free”. By happenstance echoing the same optimism which came out of this corner of New York more than 50 years ago. A timeless statement, which seems even more resonant at this time; on both sides of the Atlantic.